Our idea of The Real Man
Our idea of  The Real Man is anyone who is a hero in himself, a fighter against all odds, facing challenges head on, getting up every time he falls, laughing in the face of danger, believing in himself however hopeless the situation is, overcoming his own fears with grit, guts & gumption. It could be any one of us no matter what or who we are or what we have stood for. The Real Man represents each one of us who is trying to be a better version of himself with each passing day & has not given up yet. He is anybody who believes in himself, even if others don’t. He is someone who lives life one day at a time, starting each day as if it was the first day of his life & finishing it as if it was the last. He is someone who lives in the moments, does not postpone his happiness because he knows life is all about living with imperfections perfectly. He values people & relations for what they are & not for what he wants them to be. He respects individuality & uniqueness in others. He is someone who is compassionate towards others needs. He is someone who passionately pursues his dream as if it was a guiding star, to reach his goals. He is someone who has fallen yet risen. He is someone who has cried, lost, got hurt yet bounced back with a bang. He is someone who has not shied away from responsibilities & commitments, because for him they are a way of life not a decision. We can relate to many of these instances as; been there- done that.